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Contract of Employment Advice

What can employers do with their contracts in order to protect their business?


A contract of employment is an agreement, either verbal or written, between an employee and an employer. This agreement establishes items such as employment conditions, holiday entitlement, remuneration, responsibilities/duties and notice period.

Although there is no legal requirement to have a written employment contract, according to the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA), the employer must  provide a ‘Section 1 Statement’ in writing within the first two months of the start of employment with a ‘written state of particulars’. While this is not a definitive contract, it confirms the main terms of employment and provides clarity for both parties.

Changes to terms on contracts of employments

If there are any changes to the particulars of the terms of employment, an employer must provide the details in writing within two months. Failure to do so gives the employee the option of taking the case to an employment tribunal.

If the employer is unable to demonstrate that correct employment procedures are in place, they could be portrayed as ‘unprofessional’. Once credibility is lost, it can be difficult to successfully defend a claim.

Tribunal Cases on the Rise

According to the Ministry of Justice, Employment Tribunal receipts increased by  13% in the period from July-September 2020 (as compared to same period in 2019)*.

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