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In-House HR User Guide Videos

For Employers

In this series of short films designed primarily for administrators, In-House HR’s John Moody walks you through the main functions of the system.

Guide to the “Organisations” tab (approx. 2m30s), including:

  • How to manage holiday across multiple sites
  • How to set the “Absence Approver”
  • How to upload certificates and other documents

Guide to the “Document Templates” tab (approx. 1m22s), including:

  • How to clone ready-made document templates
  • How to customise your own document templates

Guide to the “Organisation Chart” tab (approx. 52s), including:

  • Colour coded chart to show reporting structure
  • Automatic updating in case of staff changes
  • Can be saved as an image and downloaded

Guide to the “Holiday Adjustment” tab (approx. 51s), including:

  • How to apply rules to holiday allowance based on length of service

Guide to the “PPE” tab (approx. 22s), including:

  • How to assign PPE to relevant employees

Guide to the “Employee Hours & Benefits” tab (approx. 40s), including:

  • How to create employee benefits
  • How to view employee working hours
  • How to assign benefits to employees

Guide to the “Employee Absences“ tab (approx. 56s), including:

  • How to view employee calendars
  • How to view absences by type, duration and authorising member of staff
  • How to change holiday allowance
  • How to approve holiday and absence requests
  • How to add notes to holiday and absence requests

Guide to the “Employee Certificates” tab (approx. 55s), including:

  • How to add and amend staff certificates
  • How to set certificate renewal reminders

Guide to the “Employee Documents” tab (approx. 2m39s), including:

  • How to upload and download documents pertaining to employees
  • How to hide or make documents visible to members of staff
  • How to generate auto-populating documents for employee files
  • How to request a bespoke document template from In-House HR
  • How to assign a document to an employee for e-signature

Guide to the “Employee Profile” tab (approx. 1m59s), including:

  • How to view a holiday/absences summary for an employee
  • How to find an employee’s emergency contact details
  • How to generate password resets

Guide to the “Departments” tab (approx. 45s), including:

  • How to create new departments and positions
  • How to view information at departmental level

Guide to the “Roll Call” tab (approx. 28s), including:

  • How to see who is at work at any given time

Guide to the “Employees” tab (approx. 1m5s), including:

  • How to search for any employee past or present
  • How to add individual employees
  • How to import multiple employees

Guide to the “Main Calendar” tab (approx. 51s), including:

  • How to customise the calendar view
  • Overview of items which can appear in the main calendar e.g. equipment calibration check reminders

Guide to the “Holiday Requests” tab (approx. 52s), including:

  • How to customise and approve holiday requests

Guide to the “Dashboard“ tab (approx. 50s), including:

  • Overview of dashboard with notifications and upcoming staff absences

For Employees

This short Employee User Guide (approx. 3m30s) covers the basic functions of the In-House Employee Dashboard, including:

  • How to log in
  • How to submit holiday requests
  • How to alert your employer to lateness or sickness
  • How to access the synchronised team calendar
  • How to review your personal details

As always, if you have any queries or questions, please call John on 07852 165 501 or email

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