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HR in the Automotive Industry


HR in the Automotive industry is facing a number of crises, with rising costs, static wage levels and an aging workforce. How can In-House HR help?


In-House HR provides support services to a number of businesses within the automotive industry, we work with body repairs shops, dealerships and major paint distribution companies. This has allowed us over several years to design our system around the needs of our clients and provide specialist documentation that is suited for the body repair sector and beyond.


Providing HR support, for great value


The In-House HR platform works with the existing HR function to help automate simple repetitive tasks such as document deployment and signature, training reminders and absence management. This means that your employees can spend more time doing more complicated and valued tasks. In-House HR also provides Health and Safety software, Compliance and a comprehensive e-learning suite to mean that all of your needs are met within the same system.

With our cost-effective pricing, only charging per employee per month, with pro-rated billing to make sure you only pay for what you have used. Larger clients have access to discounted prices in order to deal with their large volumes, but we believe that we have a deal with you cannot turn down. In a time when you have to be careful and deliberate with every small amount of expenditure, you need to look for solutions which not only deliver what you need, but do not punish your balance sheet as a result.


Providing Employee Benefits


In-House HR Perks at Work is on offer to all of our clients who purchase one of our packages, with discounts on many household brands available to your staff. In the current market, businesses cannot afford to offer raises to their employees. With other industries offering higher levels of pay to skilled employees to take up unskilled jobs, many are understandably leaving the body repair sector at a time when the cost of living is a major issue.

The Perks at Work platform offers discounts from major retailers such as Tesco and Waitrose, to HP and Apple. It provides an incentive for your employees remain, resulting in a pull factor for your staff to stay. Click here to see October’s top offers for an example of what is on offer on the platform.


Providing training and recruitment support


In-House HR’s comprehensive e-learning suite is designed to provide continuous support and training to your employees. By operating our own Learning Management System, it means that the training needs are fulfilled within the same platform as the employee files are kept. This results in email reminders can be setup easily, and training modules can be assigned at a click of a button.

In-House HR also has links into several recruitment and staff retention organisations. This means that if you are struggling to find new staff, your In-House HR representative can reach out to one of our partners in order to find the staff you need.


The automotive industry has several challenges at the moment, so you want to place yourself into the hands of a company who know the industry. For a free HR audit of your business, or just for a discussion with one of our team, book here.

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