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£1.25 per employee/per month
A person using a tablet with a stylus

Paperless Absence Management

An efficient way to look after your team

Quick, easy absence management. Record lateness, request holiday, and register sick leave at the tap of a button. Clocked-In offers you a fuss-free, wholly automated absence management system with user-friendly interfaces for both employers and employees.

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Absence Reviews

Maintain employee performance

More than absence management, Clocked-In offers a fuller package of features for businesses. Maximise employee attendance with Clocked-In's attendance review feature, bench-marking employees' attendance against peers, and highlighting any weaknesses so that you can strengthen employee relationships.

A person writes notes on a notepad whilst using a laptop

Accessible Employee Calendar

An easy way to keep everyone on track and up-to-date

Clocked-In provides your business with a calendar that clearly displays absences, enabling employees to make informed holiday requests to their managers. Our calendar keeps all your absence management information safe, mitigating the stress of data breaches and GDPR compliance.

Someone using an iMac at a desk

Organisation Chart

Your reporting structure at a glance

Clocked-In's built-in organisation chart displays the whole of your team, allowing for easier employee management. Our interactive chart updates automatically as you add or remove employees, ensuring that every employee understands their position within the team.

Someone using a tablet in front of an iMac

Multi-Site Functionality

Manage all your sites from one place

Clocked-In enables business owners with multiple sites to view and manage each location. With one login, head office can enjoy all features and access information for each individual site.

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Upgrade to In-House HR?

Get Clocked-In and so much more

Many customers start with Clocked-In before upgrading to the full In-House HR with Clocked-In included. This comprehensive system centralises and secures your HR files, with legally compliant policies, customisable documents and more. Which is the right solution for you?


Comprehensive Absence Management

£1.25 per employee/per month
  • Quick and easy online absence management
  • User-friendly lateness and sick leave recording
  • Synchronised team diary for holiday planning
  • Employee performance benchmarking features
  • Multi-site functionality and reporting structure

In-House HR

Complete People Management (incl. Clocked-In)

£3.25 per employee/per month
  • Professional HR advice, contracts and policies
  • Customisable document library incl. job adverts
  • Barrister-drafted letters e.g. for disciplinaries
  • Pre-employment checks & training reminders
  • + The Clocked-In absence management module


In-House HR + Equipment & Contractor Management

£4.00 per employee/per month
  • Designed for bodyshop BS10125 compliance
  • Centralise all workshop kit & supplier records
  • Automatic maintenance & calibration reminders
  • Up-to-date certificates database & PPE tracker
  • + All of In-House HR with Clocked-In built-in


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